We so often look for acceptance into a group that we loss those differentiators that make us unique. If you find yourself altering words, it can be one of many things. A few are:

1- The moment calls for small talk

2- You have no time

3- You don’t care

4- The person you are talking to is ignorant or evil

5- You like the sound of your voice

6- You are looking to improve how you’re viewed

7- You want something

8- You love the person

It’s number 8 that I want to speak about. When we love and loss a piece of ourselves to fit the other person it can be glorious. I say this because the intellectual mind will try to replace the part that we hate the most about ourselves while the emotional mind will try to replace the greatest sorrow we feel. Love is a healing power when it’s pure. Even those with very high regard for themselves find the worst of the best to replace. So finding the space to love many can build a large foundation of strength were you once had weakness or pain.

Now what about being loved? It feels good to be loved for most. But taking the same point about altering our words, it gets tricky. If a foundation is being built with love we give, then what happens with love we receive?

We learn how to love more.

It can happen so fast.

So by expressing love and receiving love, thus the expression “sharing love.” Sounds great in theory, but we fear the pitfalls when we expect love or take love in without learning. And with so many distractions and noise in our heads, we miss that love is being shared.

It is this very simple dance of give and receive to share that all emotions and actions take place. I used love as a shining example because of the power of its four letters. If you replace what I’ve stated with any interaction or emotion you share, the same holds true. Expecting or assuming you are sharing has become the breakdown in society. With so much being tossed around with social media, It’s very hard to know who the words are being directed to if anyone. So much is just to hear the sound of one’s own voice. We are shouting at a crowd, a huge crowd. And responses are like crowd sourcing with those paying attention at the time trying to help, make a joke or further the conversation to a deeper space.

With an understanding of this, can you try for a day to approach interactions without altering your words? Can you tell that person you love, “I love you.”?Can you let down your defenses for a moment. Long enough to share. Because in the strictest definition of sharing, there needs to be honest interaction. You are not really sharing unless another is receiving and learning and returning. Not just with love, but with intellectual learning, healing and even entertaining. So touch and be touched. It’s simple.



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